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Trying to find the right words to reflect on the best parts of my trip to Holbox, seems really difficult.

It’s probably not high on your travel list right now, but this Caribbean island is a 40 kilometre stretch of the most magical underdeveloped paradise I have been so far. Holbox works well as a discrete and intimate getaway. Especially after a couple of dancing party animal nights in Cancun or a few cocktail parties in Tulum, Holbox is the ideal location for recharging your batteries.

The island’s famed for its super cute flamingos and pelicans, sea turtles and whale sharks. I arrived in this tiny car-free island in the midnight after a long road trip from Merida. So, when I woke up in the morning and the first thing I saw from my window was the greenish waters and the empty and untouched golden beach I could not get much happier. I jumped out of the bed and I came back to my room only 2 days after!

Flashing back to my visit to Holbox, I missed the sandy streets, the colourful Caribean houses and the lazy afternoons. So grateful for memories like these…

Top 5

Best place to stay: Dream beach | One of the Top 5 most amazing places I have ever stayed

What to see:  Flamingos Isla Passion

Where & what to eat: Viva Zapata | Nice ambience | Amazingly delicious food

What to do: Swim with whale sharks on Isla Holbox

To avoid: Cash machines of the island are empty of cash

Wearing: Debenhams short, Jules sun glasses, Accessories bag, MED swimsuit