Viva Mexico

To be completely honest I did not know much, or anything about Oaxaca before I arrived by car from Mexico City a few weeks ago. I was a fool overlooking all the signs pointing city’s beauty as one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Thankfully, I did not change my mind and I took one of the most amazing travel decisions ever. Oaxaca became my favourite destination in 2017 and I am so thankful to my good carma that brought me there!

While exploring Oaxaca, I had a constant feeling that almost half population of this city is artists and artisans. Probably because that was the first time in my life I have been surrounded by so many people making art in the most unexpected places.

Why visit Oaxaca?

To experience Mexicans creative spirit!

  • Mexican grandmothers were helping their granddaughters to create or colour carpets in almost every 5 metres of Oaxaca’s central market
  • Outside the churches, people were tirelessly sitting under the sun on the pavements making some particularly interesting religious staff for Easter that Mexicans buy and then leave them under the sculpture of Jesus Christ
  • Almost at every single block, I was always surprised by how many galleries exist. So, I highly recommend you to go to as many galleries as you can. They are free to visit and in most of the times you will find the artists inside making graffiti art, experimenting art and murals while cooking for visitors and playing live traditional music

Top 5

Best place to stay: City Express Oaxaca | located close to the historic centre

What to see:  Templo de Santo DominicoHierve el Agua | Zocalo

Where & what to eat: Cathedral Restarante & Bar

What to do: Go for a tour to Hierve el Agua

To avoid: Walking in the markets late in the evening

Wearing: Accessories bag, Superdry T-shirt , Accessories bag