Here is the best time to visit Hydra

Hydra weather – Travelling from Athens to Hydra by ferry

If I had to choose one definitive best time of year, I would say that the best time to visit Greece and especially Hydra is from mid-April to mid-June. Hydra has a great mix of cafés, restaurants, beaches, and family-friendly spots. The weather is lovely, sunny and warm enough for swimming but not very hot and its the best time to go if you want to enjoy some peace and quite before the crowds of tourists show up. I chose to go this time because I was on the hunt for the most quiet but beautiful get-away. All I wanted was having a quick flight from London and a place where I could make the most of what it has to offer just in one weekend. 

I was dreaming enjoying isolated beaches, sitting in empty restaurants, and lying peacefully under the hot Greek sun all day. The very first day I arrived in Athens, I stayed in one of these super cheap hotels that are located in Peiraus port. I just wanted to find a place to spend the night and wake up early the next day to get the ferry and go to Hydra. It took us 3,5 hours flight from London to Athens and approximately another 2 hours travelling with the ferry. I am afraid there is not frequent ferries from Peiraus port to Hydra and also even in May the tickets can be quite limited. I’d recommended you to book way early in advance to avoid unwelcome surprises!

Hiking Trails

  • Hydra is one of Greece’s best hot spots in summer where every moment is Instagram worthy. The island is not friendly to cars, buses and motorbikes and it is super cool experience to visit the one village after the other by foot, on a horse or even a donkey. This is the reason that this tiny island is famous for its dramatic landscapes and its great mix of trails where in 2/4 hours you can easily explore by foot almost the whole island.
  • My favourite trails was the one that led from the city of Hydra to Vlyhos and Plakes Vlyhou (50min walking distance). I only wish I had more time to explore every single of these hiking routes especially the one that leads to Eros.

Lazaros Koundouriotis museum

When I visit islands like Hydra normally I avoid going to museums. To be honest, I prefer spending my time sailing with locals, exploring sea caves and doing hiking or horse riding rather than any kind of cultural siteseeing. However, that was a museum recomended by so many friends of mine (same travel junkies as me). So, I found my self in the midde of this beautiful castle/house exploring the exquisite jewellery, fantastic costumes, pottery obljects, the basement kitchen, the coffered wood ceilings and the numerous furnitures made by marble. This experience made me feel as I was a real resident of this old house in 1980. Truly amazing!  


  • Vlyhos beach/ Plakes Vlyhou: The beach was secluded and peaceful and there is a fantastic restaurant just on the beach which is called Four Seasons and you can taste the best homemade yummy lunch or dinner in the whole island. Just make sure that you call before you’ll visit the place because they do not serve when they accommodate weddings and similar other special occasions. We reached the place by foot and we came back to the city of Hydra with a $6 taxi boat. Can’t recommend this enough. It was one of the most beautiful things we did in the island.
  • Avlaki is the closest beach to the city of Hydra and it’s really great to sunbath there if you just want to relax close to amazing tavernas and my favourite restaurant Techne. Do try galaktoboureko, one of the best traditional Greek desserts and home made ice cream. The restaurant is made of 1870 fully by stones and is famous for its Greek nouvelle cuisine and its breathtaking view.

Hydra is one of the places in Greece that no matter what time of the year you decide to visit, I can promise you one thing: you will fall in love with its authentic, colourful and picturesque landscapes. The people, the food, and the dramatic views is sure to steal your heart away!

Top 5

Best place to stay: RBNB house

What to see: Museum Kountouriotis

Where & what to eat: Techne restaurant – Xeri Ellia – Veranta

What to do: Go for a long walk from the old city to Vlychos beach

To avoid: to not book your ferrie tickets in advance