New York City

New York City

Free mini guide: 4 Days in New York

I arrived at the city that never sleeps without knowing that this year’s Thanksgiving will be historically the coldest one! Obviously took me the hard way to find out about it. Once I arrived at NYC the freezing weather was that extreme, I wasn’t even able to move without some good pairs of thick warm shocks and isothermals. Good news was that what brought me to NYC this specific time of the year was luckily Black Friday. So, took me no more than 24 hours to get everything I needed and was eventually more than 100% equipped to explore the fabulous NYC downtown. I spent my nights in an RBNB flat which was one of the wisest decisions I made considering its super central location. Afterall, given I had just a few days to spend in NYC all I really wanted was to be flexible enough going by foot ideally to most of the city’s major museums, galleries and central malls. Travelling to more than 30 countries so far, made me realise that when the time is limited staying centrally is a key decision to get know a city like NYC!

Day 1 

MOMA was the NO1 place on the top of my bucket list mostly because of its fantastic reputation of accommodating some of the most famous modern art masterpieces in the world. To be honest, after spending hours of exploring I’d say that is almost impossible to get bored there. Being located within the heart of midtown Manhattan and super close to my RBNB place, it took me a full morning to visit every section I really wanted to. Bare in mind that this museum expands in 630,000 square feet and this is why you might better need to organise your visit in advance and maybe based on your favourite exhibitions or even artists. Picasso, Van Gogh, Mane, and Warhol were my own favourites. 

In the afternoon, I went for shopping at Macy’s and Century 21 and after I saw both I can say these places are the absolute meccas for shopping lovers.

Day 2
Times Square

This square is the place that the majority of New Yorkers studiously avoid and I’d say this is mostly because of the really big crowds of tourists gather to take pictures but also because of the cacophony of the billboards’ flashing lights. Personally, I think that if this is your first time in NYC you’ll better see it, even it will be a just once in a lifetime kind of thing.

9/11 Memorial & Museum 

On my last day in NYC I went to pay my respects at the 9/11 memorial. It is a must-see place not only because of its many symbolisms related to 9/11 terror attack but also because of its unique construction. Reading a few of the 2,983 names of victims on the memorial’s surface it was one of the saddest and most melancholic experiences I had.

Day 3
Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Given I had just a few days to spend in NY, I combined my visit to the Central Park with visiting the Metropolitan museum mainly because of their close proximity. You’ll very easily find the museum since it is located in a very prominent location within the heart of the park. Better to prepare in advance on what you want to visit, because the place is massive and it takes days to explore everything.

Central Park

 The number of the pathways is almost endless. I personally selected the one faces the 59th to 72nd street and on my way there I saw a lot of gorgeous sculptures, bridges and fountains. Best place to visit if you want to escape the crowded sidewalk of Manhattan.

Day 4
Home House – CORE house

As a member of Home House,  I was quite curious to see how this looks like in NYC and this is why I decided to see the CORE house which is sited in a super comfortable location at midtown Manhattan. A big surprise was how much empty it was and when we asked the server about it she said it is because the club is full only on working days and not during the weekends or bank holidays. I was quite surprised with that given that in London’s club is quite busy almost all times and days of the year. CORE is an amazing option if you’d like to watch a movie on a private cinema room, enjoy the best fine dinning experience ever, or just do your training in the club’s spacious gym.  


Best place to stay: RBNB 

315 West 16th Street, Apt 34 110£/night

What to see: Empire State Building 

One World Trade Centre 


Where & what to eat: Snippers: best value for money burgers in town

Maison Kayser: Try the lemon tart and the Iberico sandwich 

Magnolia Bakery: Vanilla Cream

What to do: Go for an art exhibition tour at MOMA

To avoid: Getting with you enough warm clothes (even isothermals). The NYC freezing cold can even paralyse you.