7 affordable gifts to buy this Christmas

7 affordable gifts to buy this Christmas

You can pick up an pre-made box set instead of a mix & match here

There’s always something exciting about waiting for Christmas – especially the lovely moment of exchanging presents. And what’s better than exchanging not just one but a whole gift box set! Right? For those who know me, I am a big lover of care packages – and hence I have compiled for you a list of super affordable gifts which are all about self-care.

As a yoga instructor I personally recommend yoga-themed gifts. However, in this post I thought I’d add a few extra gift categories so that you can mix and match gifts from more than one category. Below, you’ll find a good variety of gifts for every person who wants to be healthy, fit and relaxed in your life! For each package of 5 gifts you won’t pay more than £25 each. On top of that, there are some fantastic tailor-made elements which make these presents feel really personal. The best part of the below box-set is that most of these gifts are handmade, organic or recyclable.

So, if you’re looking for the best sustainable yoga/wellness Christmas gifts – you are in the right place!

Tailor-made box – Gift box from recyclable paper – £2.5 / Merry Christmas Gift box – £3.5

First things first.. The magic box! The reason I chose this box among many others wasn’t only its price or the fact that it’s recyclable. The main reason I picked up this box is that you can create a wonderful collage of photos with some of the special moments you shared with your friend (like that time you went to Lisbon together and you couldn’t get enough of this lobster which was ridiculous cheap but not really, right?). You can use some nice glossy Christmas paper for the background and stick the best of your pictures on it.

The Perfect Gift – £8/£12

If you would like to offer an amazing, handmade present to your beloved one or to yourself this Christmas, then look no further; here is the perfect gift. Handcrafted, carefully planted and decorated with love, these amazing succulents can enhance your house or office. Prices are variable and affordable, depending on size and shapes. Special additional discounts can be applied with a multi-buy option. Contact Marha if you need to know more!

Dalmatian Jasper Stone – £2

Dalmatian Jasper is a great gift for friends that love learning about chakras, healing stones, and the therapeutic effect of crystals on a physical and mental level. These stones are meant to help us stay grounded to reality. On a spiritual level the healing energies of this birthstone promote love, loyalty, and long-term relationships. On a physical level, they are thought to purify the blood and ease the symptoms of depression.

Handmade healing meditation candle £1.60 / Quartz Crystal Candle

I personally recommend this gift for those who practice meditation (or have always wanted to try!). There is something beautiful about knowing that your present is used into your beloved one’s spiritual practices. Write around the glass a phrase of your/your friends favourite author or poet. That way even when there is no candle left, they can still place a reso candle in it and enjoy it over and over again.

T-Shirt with amazing slogan £12.25 / Gym bag £12.94

Bring a touch of style to your friend’s yoga experience by gifting them a T-shirt that you know will make them laugh, motivate them and remind them of your thoughtful present during their training. Ideal for sports lovers and wanna-be marathon runners.

Fantastic Christmas ornament £8.99 + Christmas card with positive affirmations to place on the tree

Who doesn’t love decorating a tree? Let me answer that for you – every person does! While I am not known as a big Christmas time lover there is no way to refuse decorating a Christmas tree, especially if the decoration is about these cute ornaments. If your friend enjoys yoga, they will absolutely feel in love! A card can also be used as tree ornament. I personally recommend trying to write a different Christmas card this year; instead of wishes, include in your cards a few affirmation and incantations that you think are most suitable for your friend – giving this with a note to them is a wonderful way to lead a transformation in their lives in 2020!

Citrus and Herb soy wax melts – handmade £1.80

This is at the top of my gift list! If you know that your friends fancy some long baths along with a glass of red wine and Sinatra on SONOS why you don’t pick up this great present. The best thing is that you can choose between different types of aromas.

Lavender eye pillow cover for relaxation £8 – organic lavender

It’s probably not high on your gift list right now, but if your friends are having difficulty switching off and relaxing, then lavender will be a game changer for them. This lovely pillow will help them to disconnect when they need it the most

Cosmetic Bag £13.76

This is a limited edition cosmetic bag from one of the most sought after British designers often setting trends for others to follow. This bag comes in a limited edition of 250 exclusive to Selina-Jayne Designs and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Selina-Jayne with a Limited Edition Number. It’s also a present that works as a good reminder to our friends for keeping up with their practice.

At the end, don’t forget to add in your box set a few colourful reso candles along with colourful Christmas decorative paper – then you are all set and ready to make an amazing impression!