Corporate Mindfulness Programs

What We Offer



Before becoming a mindfulness and yoga instructor, Alexandra worked in PR for Tier 1 agencies  (i.e. Edelman) as well as big brands in finance and technology  (i.e. HSBC, BP, WP Engine, Vodafone, NTT DATA). At the same time, her passion for yoga and mindfulness led her to deliver a number of mindfulness and yoga programs to organisations in banking (i.e. Royal Bank of Canada), charity sector (ie. Minded Institute), and gyms (i.e. Fitness First).

Her classes include a good variety of Vinyasa flows, meditation practices and transformative breathing techniques along with a presentation of mindfulness tips. Her classes have been designed to be a good blend of physical exertion and more contemplative, introspective exploration. She loves meeting new people, sailing around the world (has been in more than 34 countries since 2013) – and when she’s not meditating, it’s about unwinding with a huge cup of tea and a bar of raw chocolate! 



Alexandra focuses on helping companies to transform their workplace in a happy, sustainable place where employees will be able to thrive. To achieve this, her mission is to deliver bespoke, well-structured, and fun yoga classes/workshops/retreats designed to recharge, relax and improve the mental and physical health of London-based employees of all levels, seasoned practitioners and brand new beginners alike. Therefore, she introduces a series of group yoga classes that can take place in any workplace on days and times that fit best in your employees’ agenda.

Her aim is to liaise closely with directors and HR to implement a bespoke program of yoga and/or mindfulness sessions that responds best to the specific needs of your business. She also provides a series of additional options including running monthly wellness days, teaching a variety of meditation and breathing techniques and deliver a number of informative talks on how to prepare healthy meals, sleep better and change harmful habitual patterns.

Alexandra’s mindfulness yoga classes can be accessed by all levels of practitioners  and can take place in hotels’ gym areas, meeting rooms or nearby studios. These can be paid either by the employees or subsidised by employers. For more information email us on or give us a call on 07525052719 and we’ll provide you the link with all the details you need.