2 Days Moscow trip

2 Days Moscow trip

Visiting Russia was always at the top of my to-do list. Strangely enough, I had no idea that this is such a colourful destination. I always thought that would be a rather dark and melancholic place but as soon as I arrived I discovered colourful temples, amazing architecture and extraordinary paintings. We only had two days in Moscow, but it was a generous amount of time to doing an amazing tour to two of the main galleries and explore the heart of the city.  It was 0-1 degrees the day we went which did not discourage us at all, and it just made this wonderful capital city feel more alluring with its roof windows and rooftops under snow. 

Winter is the perfect time to visit Russia. Here’s how to explore Russia capital in just two days like a clued-up insider – enjoy!

Day 1
  • Wandering around the Red Square which is the main attraction is an unforgettable experience
  • Visiting Saint Basilic but only from outside! Unfortunately, it closes at 7.00 pm so go as early as possible
  • Having a lunch and coffee in the luxury shopping mall – GUM near the Red Square. Pick up a few festive presents along the way, plus there is a cosy coffee shop there called Coffeemania. Gum is the wonderful home to many international fashion designers 
Day 2 
  • Visiting Tretyakov Gallery and The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. To beat the crowds, try to go earlier in the morning
  • Having traditional homemade Russian dinner. Try the Borcsh, the famous Russian soup made of beet and meat
  • Walk across the Moscow River towards the cathedral. The scenery across the bridge that leads to the church is breathtaking
Why visit Moscow in Christmas?
  • The Christmas Market is held in the heart of the Red Square and is one of the most epic and really festive places in town
  • Having the luck to be in the Russian Cathedral while a Russian choir melodically chanting. Better to go on a Saturday around 6.30pm
  • If snowflakes is for you an important ingredient for having amazing Christmas, maybe this is the right timing to go for a figure skating trip to Mother Russia
What might you do not know about Russia?
  • Russians do not speak very good English so might be a good idea to learn a couple of basic Russian words and expressions in advance
  • Audioguides in Russian Tretyakov Gallery and The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts are the best I have ever used in any museum I have visited in the world. Might cost slightly more but it is really worth it
  • In case you are a coffee person, Moscow is a city well known for its strong coffee culture. I personally recommend Moka pots with cream, spices, chocolate, or even berries, lemon, and liqueur. Peculiarly enough cappuccino is the most popular drink in the capital.
Top 5

Best place to stay: Anywhere is closed to the capital’s centre

What to see: The Church of Christ the Saviour

| The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts| Red Square and St Basil’s

Where & what to eat: Tina Tin Georgian Restaurant. Find more here

What to do: Go for an art exhibition tour at Tretyakov Gallery|  Take a ride on the Moscow metro

To avoid: Wearing the wrong shoes. The snow can start melting into your shoes without even realising it. I can not stress enough how important is to get a waterproof good pair of boots with you

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