Hawaii – Oahu

Hawaii – Oahu

Home is where Aloha is


Day 1
Oahu – Honolulu
  • Like so many of the islands dotting the Pacific Ocean, Oahu has a breath-taking beauty that people come from every corner of the planet to experience. With blonde beaches, weather that is sunny all year long, turquoise beaches, this incredible island is well worth the trip. Oahu is known as “the Gathering Place” and a dream destination for surfers, beach lovers and foodies. I’ve been dreaming about a trip back ever since.
  • Michelle Obama used to say that “you can’t really understand Barak until you understand Hawaii”. Arriving at the Oahu airport I got an idea of what she might meant by saying this. I thought Michelle’s comment was about the spirit of inclusivity and tolerance that made Barak stand out so many times among all the previous US politician.
  • I rented an automate car during my visit and had such a fun doing a long road trip across the island. While its a small island, there is really a lot to see and experience. First stop, was Ala Moana hotel where we spend 40 minutes waiting at the reception to be given the keys for our room. The endless queue at the reception and the 20$ we paid for parking still did not seem enough good reasons to change our mind that we booked this super amazing hotel.
Day 2
Polynesian Centre
  • Even thought we visit this centre on our last day, I can’t stress enough how important is for you to make it right and visit this as early as possible. You need at least 2 days to explore the majority of the shows and performances and given the ticket for a 3 days visit pass costs £120, believe me that you really want to make the most of your experience!  In short, Polynesian centre is one of the 3 most interactive cultural moments I have had in my life.
  • In the evening, I drive back to Honolulu where we went to Tikis Grill and Bar. I had teriyaki avocado and row tuna while two local singers were giving an amazing concert. The food and the music made this common restaurant with the boring decoration and the bad service, one of my best places for dinning in the big island. 
Day 3
Honolulu – Sheraton, Rum Fire
  • To have an amazing New Years Eve dinner, I personally recommend you to make a reservation at Holiday Pirates restaurant. It is not the most fanciest one you can book for a special occasion like this, but if you love marinas as I do this is the best place to be. At this place you will be having the best view for staring the fireworks fall into the pacific ocean.
  • Next, be sure to check out the Sheraton, Rum Fire and stick around to dance the night away as some of the island’s hottest nightlife destinations. This five star hotel with the amazing sea view organises the best New Year Eve parties, with numerous DJs, ethnic dancing shows and exotic cocktails that will make you never want to leave this place.
Day 4
Waimea Valley and Waimea beach park + Cheesfactory
  • This beautiful valley will make you losing any sense of the time. I suggest you to wear comfortable clothes, hat and glasses, you will certainly need them.
  • The waterfall at Waimea is worth visiting and even thought you need to be really brave to stand the cold water, you can benefit by doing some meditation while you will be hearing the melodic sound of waterfall.
Extra amazing things to do in Hawaii
  • Cheesecake Factory -is an LA chain, the best cheesecake I had for ages. The food thought is not at the same high standards
  • For those days when you want to do absolutely nothing the beaches of Laniakea beach with their amazing turtles are calling. On our way back we stoped at Haleiwa village where we enjoyed amazing sea food meal at Haleiwa’s Jo resterant. Reasonable prices, fantastic service, try the fresh sea bas.
  • When you are ready to explore farther afield, the Big Island is all about Buddisht Temples. Make sure to visit the Valley of Temples and Byodo – In temple, Ahuimanu, where you will experience the spirituality at its best. In case you have not managed to relax yet, the valley of temples eventually will do the trick for you.

Top 5

Best place to stay: Ala Moana hotel

What to see: Waimanalo beach|Nu’uanu Pali Lookout | Waikiki beach 

Where & what to eat: Tikis bar and restaurant 

What to do: Go for a long road trip across the island

To avoid: To go to Hanauma Bay on a Tuesday or on New Years day, the beach is closed and even if you want to stop for taking a few pictures the queue is endless and there is no parking