7 Best Yoga Teachers to Follow in 2020 – London

7 Best Yoga Teachers to Follow in 2020 – London

To help celebrate all the things yoga contributed to us in 2019 and help you get in that all-important self-love, Do Yoga & Travel rounded up their favourite London-based yoga teachers that we think you should be following in 2020.
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Mia Togo, Vinyasa Flow –Vinyasa flow

We are obsessed with the waves Mia is making in the yoga industry. Mia arrived from sunny California to teach London-based practitioners how to connect the dots between their practice on the mat with their personal development journey in life. She teaches that there are some negative behavioural patterns that tend to appear both on and off the mat. Indeed, Mia helped me to be better able to spot my ego, my need for resistance, and all my unexpected fears which normally tend to appear as much in my personal life as in my yoga practice. Mia taught me that if I wont first learn to see them for what they are these tendencies can be massive obstacles into my personal transformation journey. I am grateful for this. Mia has adopted a way of teaching sustainable yoga with a focus on mindfulness. Her passion for proper alignment, helpful modifications, and amazing hands-on assistance makes every class is accessible to everyone. – Level: Intermediate, try the Open to All Levels class

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Mercedes Ngoh Steff – Vinyasa  

Mercedes is another lovely instructor coming California and this is something reflected always on her shiny smile. Her motto is that she practices yoga as a ‘moving meditation’ and this is the core idea of each one of her classes. One of the key aspects of her teaching is creating heat from within the body by practicing some challenging asanas. At the end of each class she chants and her beautiful voice always helps me to relax. Her sequences have been designed to recharge the mind and purify the body. She is one of the most well-established teachers for aspiring yoga instructors in London – hence why the majority of her retreats are always sold-out. She has a beautifully positive way of demonstrating herself each pose while she encourages the practitioners to adopt a playful way of practicing. – Level: Advanced (previous basic experience is a must)

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Mimi Kuo-Deemer – Restorative Vinyasa flow infused with Mindfulness

Mimi synchronises each breath with every asana’s movement and this is why all her classes feel like choreography. Even the most challenging asanas become easily accessible to everyone, mainly thanks to their beautiful fluidity. But more than this, Mimi’s spiritual aura and attitude is the real game changer that makes her an inspiring instructor; her weekly classes called ‘Mindfulness + Meditation’ prove incredibly popular as a result. Besides teaching Yoga, Mimi also teaches Qigong and she transforms these classes into a journey where she invites her students to navigate themselves through the 5 elements of seasons. Trust me that Mimi’s classes will be like nothing you’ve ever tried before – Level: Beginners/Intermediate

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Nik Klironomos– Ashtangha  

Nick teaches a set sequence of ashtanga asanas aiming to increase flexibility, build strength, and improve mobility. These classes have been designed based on the traditional style of Ashtanga. He invites practitioners to focus on their breathing while he helps them warm up the body by practicing sun salutations throughout the whole duration of every class. By the end of the class, Nick’s grounding spirit, calming voice, and clear instruction will make you feel energised from within. Personally, I love the smooth transition between asanas – Level intermediate (previous basic experience is a must)
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Chris Miller – Yoga for sports

From professional footballers to ballerinas, pilates teachers to marathon runners, and more – Chris’s classes are the one stop-shop for yoga practitioners from all walks of life. Chris has adopted a very dynamic style of teaching aiming to help his students to increase performance, build better alignment, and improve mobility. Chris has an amazing way to joke about all kinds of things, and his humour is simply loved by everybody. His main focus is releasing the muscles and then practicing asanas for strengthening the body. His style is motivating, inspiring and energetic.– Level: Advanced  (previous basic experience is a must)

(You can attend any of the above classes in TriYoga studios in London)

Anna Taylor – Yoga Therapy | Mindfulness | Yoga On The Lane 

I clearly remember the second week I attended yoga class with Anna. I was going through a challenging time emotionally, knowing I needed to end a relationship that had brought me much joy but doubting myself and feeling unsure how to proceed. After we had all settled onto our mats Anna explained that we would be working with the concept of letting go, and invited us to consider what in our life we might need to let go of. It was such a gift to be able to spend 90 minutes working through with my body and my breath what I had been processing for weeks in my mind. I left feeling more centred and sure of my decision, and that gave me the strength I needed to move forward compassionately with the break-up. Three years on and Anna’s classes are an important part of my weekly routine. I arrive a bundle of emotions and thoughts – sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes confused – and am given space to put that bundle down and connect back with my body and breath. Anna works with each student exactly where they are, and has a special way of showing each person care and attention while also creating a community atmosphere.  – Level: Open to all levels

(Testimonial: Gemma Tracey)
Jean Hall – Yoga Teacher
Jean has been my teacher since 2012, and I trained as a yoga teacher with her and Mimi, whom you speak about too. Jean is a special teacher because everything that she brings to the class and the students comes for her own insight, observation, self-study and deep listening of herself. In so many years, I never heard her say something formulaic or already heard, which you often hear in classes. She brings her insight to you and leaves space for you to experience your practice guided by her: she brings no big personality to the room. I have studied with many senior and famous teachers since graduating with her and I still hold the fact that her deep understanding and capacity to listen to her inner well of wisdom is not rivalled by anyone else I have met. She is truly inspiring.
(Testimonial: Flav Ceronn)