About Do Yoga & Travel

Welcome on board

Alexandra is a Tier 1 PR Consultant turned into a mindfulness and yoga instructor who uses her 5 years of client management along with a strong background in yoga to radically enhance your wellbeing. She has been sought out by brands that include Vodafone, Edelman, Amazon, HSBC, Cannes Festival among others.

After she experienced herself a burnout which led her to resign, she embarked on a 500hrs yoga journey (2 Diplomas) around the world (visiting and sailing to 43 countries) to explore ways of transforming her life through wellbeing practices and eventually re-starting her career.
Through a self-healing yoga journey, she discovered her love for wellness – her second greatest passion in life, which inspired her to show to modern employees how to use these wellness tools same way she did. This is how wellness became her life’s mission to help employees go the last distance to claim their full potential. She can make that promise to her clients because long before she helped other people to enhance their own wellbeing, love, and creativity she was her own best costumer.

Thanks to her passion for wellness, she has been entrusted to offer a series of wellness programs by a great number of big corporations in London (i.e. Conrad, RBC, BDO, Wells Fargo, Amazon). Through these programs Alexandra helped big corporation to create not only a happier but also a more productive workplace.

With a special focus on sustainable practice, Do Yoga & Travel classes aim to build better posture re-alignment, strength and flexibility in the body. On top of this, each class has been designed to bring a sense of deep relaxation to the mind. The classes are a perfect blend of physical exertion and more contemplative, introspective exploration.